Saturday, July 11, 2009


To anyone who still reads this, thanks. I haven't died or lost my computer, I just haven't had a lot that I've felt like posting lately. It's been a pretty rough transition to Denver for several reasons, and to be honest, I've had some dark moments. I still don't really want to post about that--I haven't even really processed it because I don't want to go back to those times, even in memory. Sometime I will, but not now. There's actually a ton of material about my job and the homies. My roommate's boyfriend came up with that name for the residents, because they live in a home, and I like it.

But anyway, I signed on to post about something funny that happened to me while I was out for a run today. There are some great trails down by the Platte River where you can see the mountains. Right now there are a ton of wildflowers and it's really beautiful. Anyway, I had done the loop to Prince Street, and I was almost back to the parking lot--I just had to cross the bridge. I started getting closer to the bridge and realized that the section of the path right before it was roped off with caution tape. There was a man and a woman with an awning/tent thing set up and they had boxes of something on the grass and on their table. It was really odd, and I didn't want to do the entire loop again, so I tried to sneak around behind the trees. The guy saw me and said, "Whoa! Excuse me, ma'am! We have this caution tape up so people won't come back here." I said, "Sorry, I just need to cross the bridge to get to my car," and he said, "Next time please go around. We don't anyone to get hurt--these are explosives." ??? First of all, why do they have explosives? Second, why work with them in a carnival booth on the bike trails by the Platte? Third, if you must, why not pick a place on the grass instead of roping off a very popular, heavily trafficked path? None of this makes any sense to me. And what kind of explosives could these be? Fireworks? Then why not say fireworks?

I will say one thing: as difficult as life in Denver has been, it has never, not for one second, been dull.

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The Rock Star said...

WEIRD. Seriously... Explosives?! WOW...

(I read this when you posted it in my newsfeed, but I forgot to leave a comment.)