Thursday, October 15, 2009

So, I've been requested to blog some more. Pretty flattering. ;)

Life is crazy but has somewhat settled into a steady rhythm. I'm still working at the home Mon-Fri (looks like I'll be transferring to housekeeping soon--which is good) and taking classes Tues and Thurs night. Effective Biblical Interpretation and Intro to the Gospels and Acts. Next week: midterms. I've also started a paper that I'm finding pretty interesting. My topic is The Names and Titles of Jesus, and the one I'm specifically researching is Son of God.

I'm following the weekly research schedule my prof outlined in the syllabus. Not like me, but I haven't done a research paper in so long...different than an English essay! So far I've done a word search on "Son of God" and looked at the passages where it occurs in the gospels and Acts. Something that struck me was that it is most often used as a title of recognition. Martha calls Jesus Son of God when He asks her if she believes in Him right before He raises Lazarus. Peter calls Jesus the Son of God when he confesses Him as the Messiah. Demons most often refer to Him by this title, and when Satan tempts Him in the desert, he starts with, "If you are the Son of God..." I think the core of Jesus' identity is wrapped up in this title. Not His mission, His profession or His kingship, but the essence of what made Him who He was. Hm, I don't know if that makes sense. Good thing this is just a blog and not my paper!

Anyway, I would love to hear thoughts on this if you have any! Why is "Son of God" special, as opposed to "Son of Man" or "Lamb of God" or any of the many others?

Happy Thursday!